When will my purchase ship? How much is shipping? 

Your item/s will be processed within 1-2 business days. All purchases sent via USPS standard ground. A shipping calculator is provided at checkout for your convenience. 

Do you accept returns? 

Due to the nature of our product, we are unable to accept returns on previously purchased items. We try our best to ensure the safe arrival of your soap; however, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we'd love to make it up to you! Contact us directly at pennybella20@gmail.com. 

Will the bars look exactly as pictured? 

The product photos we take are representative of our direct inventory, and we strive to ensure that every bar is perfect! If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we’d love to make it up to you! Send us an email at pennybella20@gmail.com. 

I see that you have parabens in your sugar scrubs. What are they, and why do you use them? 

Parabens are preservatives used at low concentrations (<1%) in our sugar scrubs as broad spectrum antifungals/antimicrobials, helping to prevent mold and bacterial growth that may develop in moist environments (e.g. showers, bathtubs). Although unnecessary in our anhydrous products (bath bombs, bubble bars, lotion bars) and those with a low pH (soaps), they are crucial in our scrubs for the health and safety of our customers. For further information on the use of preservatives in our products, reach us directly at pennybella20@gmail.com.

My sugar scrub looks separated - what should I do? 

Don’t worry! Because our products are made with natural oils, they can separate if heated and cooled. During shipping, this is especially common, but we have a cure - simply use the wooden spoon provided to combine the oils and sugar before applying. If the product is too cool to mix, pop it in the microwave for ~10 seconds, or allow to warm in your shower or bath beforehand! 

How often do you restock your inventory? 

Although the initial molding takes a day or two, soap needs to cure for multiple weeks to ensure a hard, long-lasting bar. As such, our bars are introduced on a rotating basis with a minimum cure time of 4 weeks. We strive to create unique bars, only reintroducing those with extreme popularity. If a bar you love has run out, please message us directly at pennybella20@gmail.com for personalized bar options. 

Do you accept bulk orders? 

We're more than happy to do bulk orders! Simply send a message to pennybella20@gmail.com (clearly label title as BULK ORDER REQUEST). Processing time is dependent on order size, with a minimum of 45-60 days for bars to cure. Pricing determined at time of request. 

How does the Wedding Favor process work? 

Due to the personalized nature of our Wedding Favors, we recommend setting up an initial consultation at least four months prior to your wedding date. Please send contact information (phone), and your availability directly to pennybella20@gmail.com (clearly label the title as WEDDING FAVOR REQUEST). Pricing dependent on materials and size of order.